Glucon-D Original 450 gm + 50 gm


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    Glucon-D Instant Energy
  • 99.4% Pure Glucose
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Product Description

Glucon-D Original 450 gm + 50 gm

Key features of Glucon-D Original 450g+50g:
99.4% Pure Glucose: Glucose is the fastest energy source for the body and is the only energy source for the brain.
Vitamin: Glucon-D has vitamin D and calcium that provides strength to the bones and body.
Minerals: Glucon-D has phosphorous that is essential for energy production and storage.
Ingredients: glucose (99.4%), mineral (calcium phosphates) and vitamin D
Storage Instructions:Store in a cool, dry place away from strong odours
Preparation Steps:
Take 200ml water in a glass and add 4 tablespoon of glucon-d for instant energy

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