Nandini Goodlife Slim Skimmed Milk 500 ml


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    Milk Fat: Not more than 0.5%
    Milk SNF: 8.7%

Product Description

Nandini Goodlife Slim Skimmed Milk 500 ml

Goodlife Slim contains 0.5 per cent fat as against the 3 per cent present in toned milk.
Slim has no preservatives and has an energy value of 38 kcal per 100 gm as against 58 kcal per 100 gm toned milk. 
The product has a shelf life of 60 days and does not need refrigerated storage. Although produced at ultra-high temperature, KMF claims its nutrition value is intact.
Nandini Goodlife Slim is also ideal for preparing low-fat curds, lassi and can be used as a whitener for tea and coffee.
Recommended for the health-concious, diabetics and for healthy heart and weight management.

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