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Dessert consists of variations of flavors, textures, and appearances. Desserts can be defined as a usually sweeter course that concludes a meal. This definition includes a range of courses ranging from fruits or dried nuts to mulch-ingredient cakes and pies. Many cultures have different variations of dessert.

We offer different varieties of desserts mixes with different flavors.

Cake mixes:

Cakes are sweet tender breads made with sugar and delicate flour. Cakes can vary from light, airy sponge cakes to dense cakes with less flour. Cake is often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, for example weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Small-sized cakes have become popular, in the form of cupcakes and petites fours. Order cake mix with common flavorings includes golden vanilla, rich Choco and vanilla, and prepare healthy and taste cakes at your home and enjoy your occasions.

Custards and puddings:

These kinds of desserts usually include a thickened dairy base. Custards are cooked and thickened with eggs.

Puddings are thickened with starches. Custards and puddings are often used as ingredients in other desserts, for instance as a filling for pastries or pies.

Ice cream mix:

Ice cream is a cream base that is churned as it is frozen to create a creamy consistency.

We offers different type of ice cream mixes like creamy vanilla, royal nuts, swiss chocolates and Kulf is like Malai Kulfi, Vanilla Kulfi, Kesar- Pista and Kesa- Badam.

Jelly crystals:

Jellied desserts are made with a sweetened liquid thickened with gelatin or another thickening agent.

Order jelly crystals and make you dessert more colorful. We have strawberry, raspberry and orange flavor.

Order dessert mixes online in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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