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Maida Made from the endosperm(the starchy white part) of the wheat grain. Maida is a finely milled, refined and bleached wheat flour.

We offers the best Maida ranges from 500g to 1 kg packs and it is pure white in color,smooth and powdery in texture. We avoid pale yellow colored flour. 

• In India, maida is used to make pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuit, toast etc.
• Flour is often used as a coating for foods that are fried. Flour-coated food develops a crisp outside and tender and juicy inside.
• It is also used for thickening sauces to baking breads, cakes, pizzas.
• Plain flour dough is used to make Indian breads like na
an, puri, paratha and chappathi.

Buy Besan Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad: 

Gram flour or Besan is a Pulse Flour made from gram. Gram flour can be made from either raw or roasted gram bean. roasted variety is more flavorful while raw one is slightly bitter in taste.

Besan contains rich carbohydrates, high portion of proteins and no gluten.

Most popular besan recipies in India are:Sev,Bhajjiyas,Dhokla, khadi,laddu, Mysore pak,pakoras,bhonda etc..

How to Store:
Flour is best kept in a cool, dry, dark place in a food grade, and better to be preserved in just breathable containers than in air-tight ones.
Flours readily absorbs odours and moisture. So, care should be taken to ensure flour products are stored away from onions and other goods with strong odors.
• If properly stored, flour can be preserved for up to eight months. To preserve it even longer, store the flour tightly-wrapped in a refrigerator.
• Put a bay leaf in the flour canister to help protect against insect infections. Bay leaves are natural insect repellents.

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