Rice Flour

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Order Rice Flour Online In Bangalore And Hyderabad:

Rice flour is used in our cooking on day-to-day basis. Rice powder is made from finely milled medium or long grain of rice.

Rice flour is easy to digest with mild taste because its gluten free. This is also serving as thickening the product, which are frozen because it stops separating the liquid.

Skin Care With Rice Flour:

Rice flour is very good for skin and hair. It is little coarse in nature so that can uses as a scrub. And it removes excess oil from the skin. 2-table spoon of rice powder and yogurt and pinch of turmeric servers as a skin cleansing which effectively reliable.

Rice Powder as a Health Care.

Rice powder has in soluble fiber which aids relive constipation. Rice flour has rich protein.

Why Rice Protein?

It provides a supplemental dietary protein for vegetarians. For people with intolerance to eggs and milk rice powder comes to the rescue.

 How to Preserve Rice flour:

  • Cut the rice flour pack and pour that into airtight container.
  • Airtight container is a best storage for all types of flours and grains.
  • Glass container is preferable because Weevils seem to get in to plastic container mush easier.
  • Sprinkle liberally cloves or bay leaves or peppers on rice flour that will detract weevils from the flours.
  • If your rice flour is already affected from weevils then either refrigerate the flour for 24 to 28 hours or heat up in micro oven in 350 degree.

Buy Rice Flour and Organic Rice Flour Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad:

We deliver the packaged Rice flour at its best quality. We will confirm the freshness of the stock before delivering it to you. The very fresh Rice Flour is delivered to your home on the same day of your order.