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Order Rava (Broken Wheat) Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Most of us not aware that Rava (sometimes spelled as Rawa), Suji (sometimes spelled as sooji), 
semolina are the different name of same powder or floor obtained from wheat. Whip up a quick meal - Upma with Rava and vegetables when in rush. Try varieties of Upma like Masala Upma, Tomato flavoured, Plain Upma etc


Name is Italian origin, mainly used for batter. Semolina is a gritty and coarse wheat powder.


suji is the name commonly used in Northern part of India and Pakistan. Sooji is used to make a special kind of dessert called Halwa.


Rawa is primary name used for semolina or suji in southern part of India. Mainly used to make Idly, Uttappam, rava dosa, upma in South India.

Suji or rava or Semolina is having low fat but high carbohydrates, which provides lot of energy. 

Dhaliya or broken wheat has rich content of fiber. Cracked wheat offers rich nutrition and offers a unique earthy flavor. Though it takes a little more time in preparation of the recipe, it compensates the lost time by adding loads of nutrition to the dish.

How to Preserve Ravva:

  • Rawa can be stored in an airtight container. It doesn’t require refrigeration. 
  • To increase the shelf life of rava, all we need to do is roast the suji in a low flame for few minutes. Once its color starts turning golden brown accompanied with aroma.
  • Cool properly and pack it in airtight container.

Buy Rava online in Bangalore and Hyderabad:

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