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Millets Online in Bangalore & Hyderabad

What are Millets?

Millets are small grains from grass family plants. Millets are cereals with a coarse structure. Millets are particularly rich in fibre and minerals.
Millets are long forgotten and now getting their share of repect, thanks to the health concious home makers.

Meaning of Millet:

Millets are called Siruthaniaya, or ChiruDhanya - literally meaning small grain. Millets are grown in almost all parts of india, making them a nutritious locally grown food products.

Types of Millets:

Millets include jowar (great millet), ragi (finger millet), korra (foxtail millet), arke (kodo millet) and sama (little millet). All these are available in the form of rice.

Millets in Kannada:

Barnyard Millet - Oodhalu, Proso millet - Baragu, kodo millet - Harka ,little millet - Same, great millet (Shorghum) - Jola, pearl millet - Sajje, finger millet - Ragi, foxtail millet - Navane

Millets in Hindi:

Barnyard Millet - Sanwa, Porso millet - Chena,kodo millet - kodon ,little millet - kutki, great millet (Shorghum) - Jowari, pearl millet - Bajra, finger millet - Ragi, foxtail millet - Kakum

Millets in Telugu:

Barnyard Millet - Oodhalu, Proso millet - Varigalu, kodo millet - Arikelu ,little millet - Samalu, great millet (Shorghum) - Jonna, pearl millet - Sajja, finger millet - Ragi, foxtail millet - Korra Biyyam

Millets in Tamil:

Barnyard Millet - Kuthiraivally, Proso millet - Pani Varagu, kodo millet - Varagu , little millet - Samai, great millet (Shorghum) - Cholam, pearl millet - Kambu, finger millet - Keppai, foxtail millet - Thenai

 Millet Recipes:

The secret of successful inclusion of millets in diet is to get a hang on using them, inspite of the coarse structure and earthy flavours and colours. Millets can be found in the form of whole grain with husk, parboiled and de-husked, flours and Rawa. 

Rice or wheat which are major cereals in Indian diet can be easily replaced with any of the millets.
Ragi Dosa, for example, can be made by replacing one portion of Rice with Ragi flour.
MIllet Sprouts can be used in salads. A combination of Dried millet Sprouts when powdered can be used as instant energy drink mix.

Millet Rice:

Millets can replace rice when they are de-husked and Parboiled.
Parboiling makes the nutrients of the outer layer of the grain enter into the core of the grain, thus retaining the nutrients.
Further, Parboiling substantially lowers the glycemic Index.

Millets Benefits:

Including millets in everyday meal improves the overall health and fitness. With their lower glycemic indices, millets are increasingly being adopted by people with diabetes as well as the health-conscious, weight-watchers. Nutritional values of any Millet variety is superior to any of the regular cereals most of us use everyday.