Edible Oil & Ghee

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Buy Cooking Oil Online In Bangalore And Hyderabad.

Cooking oils are extracted out of a variety of oil-seeds, which are plant-based food products. Thus, cooking oils are natural ‘cholesterol free’. But beware!!! If taken in excess, another type of fats in cooking oils is converted to cholesterol in our liver.

We have so many options when it comes to select fat and edible oil for cooking. Like Sesame oil, Mustard oil, Vegetable oils, Sunflower oils, Soybean oils, rice bran oils, Groundnut oils and coconut oils etc.

What is the benefits of cooking oil:

1.Oil may helps to prevent the strokes.

2.Oil keeps your heart young.

3.Oils protect you from depression.

4.Oils help to prevent the skin cancer

Buy Ghee Online in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

A staple in traditional Indian cooking and Ayurveda medicine, ghee is made through a simple process of boiling butter and then pouring off the butterfat, leaving behind the proteins (casein and whey) and the milk solids (which includes lactose). What’s left is also known as clarified butter.

Much like butter, ghee has gotten a bad reputation over the past 30 years due to its high saturated fat content. But research has revealed that instead of increasing the risk of heart disease, ghee actually decreases it 

What are the nutritional benefits of ghee:

1.Ghee reduces the risk of heart attack.

2.Ghee can help you to heal the digestive tract.

3.Ghee may be help you to loose your weight.

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