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Buy Dals online in Bangalore and Hyderabad from iRely.in

Pulses also called, as Dals or lentils are the staple food in every Indian home. Most vegetarian dishes use the Dals as a base to start with.

What are the Dhal Types available?

Moong Dal: 

Green gram is one of the best vegetarian super food. An integral part of Indian diet, it is a filling option for those who want to shed their kilos. A 100 gr of serving moong dhal can provide 24g protein, energy 347 kcal, total fat 1.15g,cholesterol 0 mgsoudium15 mg, total carbohydrates 62.62g,dietary fiber 16.3g, sugars 6.6g.

We offer organic Moong Dhal yellow and organic Whole Moong Green, Yelolow Moong split, and green Moong split with different quantity with different pricing offers.

Masoor Dal:

Masoor dal always cooked in form of curry in Indian Cooking and served with roti and rice. Masoor dal can be cooked in the combination of various other vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, green peas, etc.

Health benefits from Masoor Dhal:

1. Masoor Dal contain high levels of protein, Masoor Dhals are an essential source of inexpensive protein diet.

2.It also contains fiber, foliate, vitamin B1 and minerals.

3.It helps to lower the cholesterol and helps in managing blood sugar levels since their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal.

4.They are good source of potassium and iron.

5.Lentils are rich in flavones, a class of antioxidants with antioxidant properties. Studies have proved that regular consumption of lentils can reduce the risk of breast cancer.


Peanuts are high in protein and other nutrients. Because they are actually legumes and not true nuts, peanuts are higher in protein than most nuts and the protein they provide is more complete.

Peanuts are also a better source of foliate, which not only protects against birth defects but also helps build strong and provides protection against heart disease and cancer. In addition, peanuts are a good source of vitamin E, a nutrient that many of us don’t get enough of in our diets.

Peanuts have some “designer” antioxidants. You’ve probably heard of resveratrol. Peanuts are one of the richest sources of resveratrol

Order Dal and Organic Dals from online in Bangalore and Hyderabad:

We offers different types of dals in different varieties like Whole and Split Moong and Black Whole and Split Urad, White Whole and Split Urad DalKabooli ChannaBlack Channa and Fried Channa etc.

Always check out its color and freshness before buying, also need to see the stones or insect damages in dal. Carefully make sure that the dal, which you are purchasing, is not cracked and is free from debris.We deliver the packaged dals in their best quality with best dal price. The very fresh stock is delivered to your home on the same day of your order.