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What are Pulses?

Pulses are also known and often referred to as ‘legumes’. Pulse is the term for the edible seeds of legumes (plants with a pod), which includes dry peas, lentils, dry beans, and chickpeas. Pulses do not include fresh green beans or peas. Although they are related to pulses because they are also the edible seeds of podded plants, soybeans and peanuts differ from pulses because they have a much higher fat content, whereas pulses contain virtually no fat.

Who should eat pulses?

Everyone can benefit from eating pulses. Pulses are high in fiber, complex carbohydrates and low in fat. These nutrients make pulses an important part of any healthy diet and can help maintain a healthy weight.

Pulses Nutritional benefits for people who:

1.Are overweight
2.Have diabetes
3.Have high blood cholesterol levels
4.Tend to be constipated

Pulses are very high in fiber. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels, while insoluble fiber helps with digestion as well as maintaining regular bowel movements. Fibre-rich foods like pulses are often more filling than other foods, helping to keep you full until your next meal.

Make sure to drink enough water when adding high fiber foods like pulses to your diet!

Pulses are gluten free and can be eaten by people with celiac disease.  Pulses are a great alternative to wheat-based products. They add starch, fiber, protein, and many vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from a gluten-free diet.

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