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Iodized salt is any salt that has been fortified with an essential trace mineral known as iodine. Iodine as well as sodium (salt) can be found in most plants including fruits and vegetables. However, the amounts you are able to obtain from plants may not always be enough especially if they have been grown in poor soil. Therefore, iodized salt can help to maintain a healthy balance of iodine in the body.

The benefits of salt are numerous, as the whole body depends on these two minerals in order to function properly:

1.Improved Thyroid Functions

2.Improved Brain Functions

3.Healthy Pregnancies

4.Fight s Depressions

5.Heart health.

Sugar has always been categorized by as villain as far as health is concerned. But sugar has health benefits too. While it is true that sugar makes you put on weight, it is also true that your body needs sugar to stay healthy. The health benefits of sugar are not implicit under normal conditions. But when your health is down, nothing works like sugar. Your body needs sugar for strength and energy. Despite the fact that sugar leads to weight gain and several other disorders, you cannot deny that sugar gives you instant energy. In a nugget, sugar has health benefits and can be very useful to you.

Benefits of sugar:

1.Sugar is a source of Instant Energy. Sugar converted into Glucose when it enters your body and then it absorbed by the cells and produces energy.

2.People who are suffering Low Blood Pressure are advice to carry the sugar cubes along with them. Having sugar raises your blood pressure immediately.

3.Brain cannot function properly without sugar.

4.Sugar instant Cures Depressions by heighten your mood.

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