Sasya Peanut (Groundnut) 1 kg


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  • Goundnuts are delicious and crunchy with unique earthy flavour.
  • Though they belong to Bean family, Groundnuts are more similar to Nuts like Almonds.
  • Relish the flavours of roasted or soaked Groundnuts in Salads and Chutneys.

Product Description

Sasya Peanut (Groundnut) 1 kg

Groundnuts are an excellent source of Vitamin E, B-Complex Vitamins and Minerals. It is a very good source of Folate and have high concentration of Anti-Oxidants.
Roasting or Boiling enhances the taste, enriches the nutrition and removes the allergens from raw peanuts. 
There are tons of recipes with Peanuts, a very modest Boiled Peanuts to a more complex Chutney Powders.
The roasted peanuts can be stored as it is or crushed in an air-tight jar. They come handy in enhancing the flavours of Salads, Sundaes, chutneys and curries.
Soak the Peanuts overnight. Clean and let them dry. A handful of these peanuts with breakfast provides an optimal health for children. The simple and sweet taste of these soaked Peanuts make children ask for more!

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