Horlicks Lite Regular Malt Jar 500 gm


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  • Contains Nutrients Known to Help Protect Cells From Damage.
  • Zero Added Sugar.

Product Description

Horlicks Lite Regular Malt Jar 500 gm

Key Features of Horlicks Lite Regular Malt Jar 500g:
  • Revitalizer and an energy booster.
  • Contains 23 vital nutrients.
  • No added sugar, fat free.
  • Health! Health! Health!
    An amalgamation of wheat flour, malted barley, milk solids, corn solids, edible fibres, protein isolate, minerals, vitamins, salt, sweetener and acidity regulator packed in a jar is what you get. The mix of these amazing ingredients gives you strength and works as an energy booster.
     Ingredients: Wheat Flour (31%), Malted Barley (Extracted Solids) (23%), mIlk Solids (17%), Corn Solids (Hydrolysed), Edible Fibers (INS 414, soya fibre, INS 412), Protien Isolate, Minerals, Acidity Regulator (INS 501ii), Vitamins, Salt, Colour (INS 160b), Sweetener (INS 950).

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