Horlicks Women's Caramel Flavour 400 gm


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  • Calcium For Strong Bones.
  • Iron for Healthy Blood.

Product Description

Horlicks Women's Caramel Flavour 400 gm

Key Features of Horlicks Women's Caramel Flavour 400g:
  • Creamy caramel Flavour blended to perfection with the goodness of malt, wheat and milk. This irresistible taste makes it my unique experience of joy and nourishment, all in one delicious drink.
  • Provides 100% quota of my daily requirement of calcium, iron and other vital nutrients that help me take care of my Blood and Bone Health. These nutrients are also important to give me strength and vitality** to do a little extra in my packed life.
  • Ingredients: Malt Extract (46%), Milk Solids (37%), Hydrolysed Corn Solids, Minerals, Salt, Nature Identical Flavouring Substrances, Acidity Regularor (INS 501 ii), Vitamins.

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