Sasya Jowar Whole 1 kg


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  • Also called Sorghum in Hindi, Jola in Kannada, Jonna in Telugu and Cholam in Tamil.
  • A wonderful source of dietary Fibre, Iron, Protien, Phosphorous and Thiamine.
  • Jowar can substituted for Wheat and Rice to make the dishes richer in nutrition.  

Product Description

Sasya Jowar Whole 1 kg

Jowar Kernels can be ground either finely to make flour, or coarsely to make rawa. Sieve the rawa to separate any flour. Jowar in Rawa form lends itself to many dishes like Pongal and kichdi. Jowar is a healthy alternative for Rice in everyday cooking. 
A staple food in many households in Karnataka, Jowar Roti or Jolada Rotte is valued for its subtle flavour. If you are in north Karnataka, there are many chances you wake up listening to the rythemic sounds of making Rotis on a wooden plank. Although, making a perfect Jowar Roti is not an easy task for a novice, by practice one can get soft and tasty Jowar Rotis. A spicy stuffed Brinjal curry goes well with the rotis. If not weight conscious, spreading a half spoon of butter spread on hot roti makes it yummy!

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