Kelloggs Oats 500 gm


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    Kellogg's Heart to Heart Oats is 1005 natural whole grain oats. It has soluble fibre and is low in salt.this can help you.

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Kelloggs Heart to Heart Oats 500 gm

What are Oats?
Oats along with barley are grains that contain more soluble fiber than any other grain like wheat and rice.

Kellogg's Heart to Heart oats is 100% natural whole grain oats. It has soluble fiber and is low in salt.
This can help you:
  • Manage Cholesterol*  : *As per EFSA
  • Manage your Weight#  :# As per USFDA
  • Keep blood pressure healthy
  • Get whole grain nutrition.

  • Ingredients:Oats

    Recipe: Oat Chanadal Payasam
    Preparation Steps:
    Add 1/2 cup(35 gms or 1 serving) of oats into a cooking vessel.
    Pour one large glass (approx 230ml)of milk or water into the vessel. Low-fat or skim milk is recommended.
    Add sugar to taste.
    Boil for approximately 3 minutes on a stove on medium heat.stir occasionally.
    Allow to cool for a minute.Add more milk or water if required.
    Enjoy hot with the topping of your choice of fresh fruits,dried fruits or nuts!

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