Kissan Jam - Mango 188 gm


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    Kissan Mango Jam is made from fine, juicy mangoes. It's delicious flavours creates a unique fruity experience that you can enjoy in so many different ways.

Product Description

Kissan Jam - Mango 188 gm

Liven up bread or Parathas, blend with milk for a milkshake, add to kheer or put a dollop on ice cream for a sundae.
Ingredients: Sugar, Mango Pulp(50%), Thickener-440, Acidity Regulator-330, Preservative-211, 223(A), 202(G6R)

Contains Synthetic Food Color-110 and added flavours- Nature Identical and Artificial Mango Flavouring substances.

Contains permitted class ii preservatives.

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