Kwality Active Dry Yeast 25 gm


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    Used as Leavening Agent in Bread making.

Product Description

Kwality Active Dry Yeast 25 gm

Directions For Use:
1. Dissolve Dry Yeast in warm water(105F-115F)
    Measure wam water into a bowl using amount in the recipe. Atleast 1/4 th Cup should be used. If the bowl is cool, rinse it with hot water.
2. Sprinkle in yeast, stir until dissolved.
3. Use dissolved Yeast as directed in recipe.

Note: If recipe liquid is other than water, substitute 1/4 cup water for 1/4 cup of other liquid and dissolve as above.
Use 25g dry yeast for 1kg of flour or as directed in recipe.
Ingredient: Active Dry Yeast

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