Lizol Floor Cleaner - Floral 500 ml


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  • Kills 99.9% Germs.
  • 10X Better Germ Protection*.
  • Removes Tough Stains.
  • Long Lasting Fragrance.

Product Description

Lizol Floor Cleaner - Floral 500 ml

Lizol Disinfectant Floral Floor Cleaner 500ml:
Directions for use: Floor & Bathroom Surfaces: Use one capful in half a bucket of water (4 litres). Gently mop the surface. No need to rinse.
  • Kitchen Surfaces: Use undiluted. Apply on dirty area, leave for 10 minutes and rinse.
  • Safe on all surfaces: Ceramic, Marble, Granite, mosaic, etc.
  • Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride Solution (80%) - 2.4584% w/w. Deionised Water, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coco Amido Propyl Betaine, Perfume, Tetrasodium Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid, Carmoisine (C.I.: 14720).

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