Madhur Sugar 1 kg


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  • Sulphur Free Process.
  • Consistent Quality.

Product Description

Madhur Sugar 1 kg

Madhur Sugar 1kg:
  • Natural Sweetness: Our Sugar is made from superior quality sugarcane.
  • Sulphur Free Processing: Sulphur is belived to cause harmful effects like mood swings, irritability, rapid heartbeat, deep depression and aggression. It may also increase risk of migraine headaches along with wheezing and asthma in children. Hence we use a sulphur free refining process to ensure that the sugar you use is healthy for consumption.
  • Untouched By Hand: Superior hygienic conditions and a state - of - the - art refinery ensures each crystal is 100% hygienic.
  • Consistent Quality: Madhur crystals are refined, sparkling white and easy to dissolve.
  • Contents: Refined crystal sugar.

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