Mama's Best Vanilla Delight 400 gm


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  • Balanced nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Eye Q advantage to support brain development.
  • It contains nutrients that support: growth, immunity, healthy digestion.

Product Description

Mama's Best Vanilla Delight 400 gm

Key features of Mama's Best Vanilla Delight 500g:
A healthy, balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients is essential for the development of your baby. during pregnancy and after delivery, your own baby goes through many physiological changes, including a need for increased nutrients and energy.
mama's best helps support the nutrional need during pregnancy and helps restore the nutrional status after child bearing. mam's best provides important nutrients that breast feeding mother's need. mama's best helps provide the extra nutrional and energy to help you care for your newborn.
mama's best contains:
Brain development: 
  • folic acid: to support foetal brain and spinal growth and to help minimize the risk of neural tube deffects.
  • choline and iodine: To  help support foetal brain development 
  • Contains DHA
  • Growth:
  • protein: critical for the building of foetal tissues
  • calcium and vitamin D: support the formation of strong bones and teeth.
  • Immunity:
    antioxidant vitamin C and E: To help support the immune system 
    Healthy digestion:
    FOSA source of fiber. fiber  supports a healthy digestive system.
    Non-fat dry milk(naturally inheriting 20% protein), lactose, sucrose, minerals[within which calcium carbonate(1.65%), ferric pyrophosphate (0.27%), potassium iodide(0.0002%)], fructo- oligosaccharides(2.2%) vitamins* [within which sodium bicorbonate(0.09%), choline bitartate(0.076%), vitamin E acetate (0.014%), vitamin A acetate(0.012%), vitamin D2 (0.0027%), folicd acid (0.0008%), and cyanocobalamin (0.0001%)], docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from algae source. contains added flavour(artificial flavouring substances).

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