Moov Pain Specialist 50 gm


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    A proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine with the power of Nilgiri Oil.Effective in Back Pain, Joint Pains, Inflammation, Sprains, Moisitis, Fibrositis, Sciatica.

Product Description

Moov Pain Specialist 50 gm

Composition: Percentage w/w
  • Oil of Wintergreen 15.0
  • Pudina Ka Phool 5.0
  • Tarpin ka Tel 3.0
  • Nilgiri Tel 2.0
  • Base Q.S

Instructions: Spread two pulpfuls of MOOV on the affected area to form a thin film.
Massage gently to fecilitate penetration.
Dry Fomentation could precede or follow application of MOOV. Consult doctor if indicated symptoms persist.

Back pain results due to strain, fatigue and stress. It can occur while doing everyday taskslike lifting heavy objects, twisting, bending and wrong posture at work and home. Your trusted Back Pain pecialist, Moov is fortified with the power of 'Nilgiri OIl'. Moov penetrates deep inside, produces warmth and helps you recover fast. Moov is 100% natural Ayurvedic preparation. Its 'Fast Pain Relief Formula' relaxes the muscles and provides fast relief. Regular excercise and continuation of your normal activities ensure faster recovery.

Simple Ways to Reduce Back Pain:
Never LIft anything with your legs straight
Always bend your knees when lifting.
Avoid high heels as they may strain muscles.
Sleep on surface which relaxes your back muscles.
Do excercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

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