Morde White Compound (CO W33) 400 gm Pack of 2


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  • White compound chocolate is also called coating chocolate, compound chocolate coating, decorator's chocolate, confectioner's chocolate and confectionery coating. 
  • Used in moldings, decorations and Ice cream toppings.

Product Description

Morde Chocolate Compound - White (CO W33) 400 gm Pack of 2

  • Sugar
  • Milk Solids
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil & Antioxidant(E322)
    Storage Conditions:
  • Store in Cool and dry place.
  • 20degC and 55% relative Humidity.
  • Ensure product is stored in packed and sealed box , once opened.
  • Information: 
  • Do not mix Chocolate & Compound for any applications.
  • Avoid moisture contact.
  • Change in physical appearance is inevitable due to tropical climate. It does not affect the eating quality of product.
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