Murginn's Muesli Fruits 400 gm


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    High in Fiber, Iron, Calcium.Whole Grain

Product Description

Murginn's Muesli Fruits 400 gm

Murginn's Muesli Fruits contain wheat, corn, wheat barn, oats, and fruits.
It is a whole meal that can be had not just as breakfast but an evening snack as well.

Murginn's Muesli Fruits bring home the instant ready to eat breakfast cereal that keeps you going through the day and provides the essential nutrient with lip smacking taste.
High Fibre: Murginns Muesli is high in fibre. Fibre is good for your digestive system.

Whole Grain: Whole grain for a healthier heart.
Iron: Your body needs iron to produce energy to help keep your healthy and support your concentration tends. High in Calcium:Helps kids develop strong bones

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