Frozen Vegetables

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Buy frozen vegetables online in Bangalore and Hyderabad :

We offers best frozen foods that are excellent in taste and completely hygienic. Frozen food products are the basic comfort foods. They are stored between temperature 0 degree to -18 degree and retain their aroma, taste, freshness and original color. These factors makes them extremely demanding and appreciable.

The frozen vegetables are generally packed with no additives and artificial colours. Frozen sweet corn,frozen green peas,frozen cauliflower, and mix frozen vegetables are a among a few frozen vegetables category.

Instruction to use frozen vegetables:

1. Store frozen veg in a freezer compartment of the refrigerator

2.Take out the required quantity to be cooked from pack and place the balance back to the freezer after folding.

3.Thaw(unfreeze) the contents of the pack so that you can cook faster. Just place it in a open or a dish contains tap water for a few minutes to thaw.

4. Once Thawed, do not refrigerate.

Order frozen vegetables online in Banglore and Hyderabad:

We will assure that we select the good brands of frozen veg by considering: no added preservatives,hygienically cleaned,100% natural,preserving natural nutrition and flavors. because when you are in a time crunch, they ensure you and your family stays healthy.