Pampers Active Baby Pants Medium 20 Diaper Pants


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  • All Night Absorbency
  • Soft Stretch Waist and sides
  • Extra Dry Layer
  • Soft Like Cotton
  • Baby Lotion

Product Description

Pampers Active Baby Pants Medium 20 Diaper Pants

Pampers Active Baby Pants Medium 20 Diaper Pants:
As your baby stands, falls and topples, pressure on the diaper can get skin in contact with the wetness of urine. This can interrupt baby’s fun and learning process. Pampers Active Baby with 5 Star Skin Protection provides a comfortable fit with an Extra Dry Layer to prevent urine from coming back to the top sheet, for up to 12 hours of dryness. Also, baby’s skin breathes better, enjoys cottony softness, and is kept moisturised against friction. 

Give your baby the freedom to play uninterrupted for longer!

12 Hours Dryness: 
Our driest diaper keeps baby’s skin touchably dry for up to 12 hours.
Baby Lotion: This unique diaper is infused with aloe lotion to help prevent diaper rash.
Cottony Softness: Keep baby’s skin free from irritation with cotton-like softness.
Breathable Cover: Air circulates so baby’s skin can breathe easily and stay wonderfully fresh.
Comfortable Fit: A flexible, side stretch design keeps it snug and comfy whether baby is at rest or play.
How to use:
1.To Wear, pull up the diaper over baby's legs and ensure that waist area is not folded over. Gatherings at leakguards should be outside.
2. Remove by tearing off side tabs.

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