Pillsbury Cake Mix - Rich Chocolate - Cooker Cake 150 gm


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  • Rich Chocolate Flavoured Mix
  • Makes 250g Cake
  • 3 Easy steps : Mix, Steam, Serve

Product Description

Pillsbury Cake Mix - Rich Chocolate - Cooker Cake 150 gm

Recipe to Home Made Delight
Milk 100ml or 2/3rd Cup

Stir cake mix , oil and milk with a spoon, in abowl for 2 minutes. Grease bottom of a 5 inch round panor vessel and sprinkle lightly with flour. Pour batter into the greased vessel.
Place a stand in the pressure cooker (3 litre and above). Pour water into cooker up to 1inch high. Place pan or vessel with batter on the stand. Close the cooker with lid. Do not put whistle. Steam for 30 minutes on a medium flame. Open lid and allow steam to escape. Heat without lid for another 5 min.
Cake is done when knife inserted in the cake comes out clean. Remove vessel with help of tongs. Allow the cake to cool for one hour. Cut & Serve.

  • Sugar
  • Wheat Flour
  • Milk Solids
  • Edible Vegetable OIl
  • Cocoa Powder - 6%
  • Rasing Agents: E500(ii), E341(i), E341(ii)
  • Corn Starch
  • Thickener (INS 1442)
  • Tartrazine (INS 102, Sunset Yellow INS110)
  • permitted Emulsifier and Stabilizers (INS 471, INS 415)
  • Artificial Flavouring Substance (Chocolate) 
  • Nature Identical Flavouring Substance (Vanilla)
  • Contains Added Flavours ( Artificial and Nature Identical Flavouring Substances)

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