Sasya Red Rajma 500 gm


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  • Red Rajma is smaller in size compared to white Rajma, Dark red and brown tinged Kidney Bean.
  • A rich source of Protein and Iron, has Vitamin B and K.
  • Try Rajma-Chawal, a truly North Indian Dish today!

Product Description

Sasya Red Rajma 500 gm

Watching the Red Rajma Soak in water makes you wonder how well Mother Nature has packed and protected the essentials of life. The dark, shiny, tough looking outer layer when contacted with water, beautifully crumples and makes way for water to soften the inner core. Once soaked, boil the beans with or without salt. Boiling the soaked beans gets you a ready-to-cook beans handy for all the dishes, right from curries, salads to soups. Boiled beans are soft and chewy and when simmered absorbs the flavours well.
Red Rajma is good for heart and also a rich source of Iron and protein. Rajma with Rice or Roti makes a wholesome meal for the entire family.

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