Safe Harvest Horse Gram 200gm


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  • Also called Kulith, Kulathi Bean, Hurali or Madras Gram
  • Rich in B-Complex vitamins, Protein and Fiber.
  • Can be made into Dal, Spicy Gravy Dish, Poriyal, Rasam.

Product Description

Safe Harvest Horse Gram 500 gm

Horse Gram can be used just like any other Pulses. It can be made into a simple Dal. 
Boil soaked Horse gram with plenty of water. You can make Rasam, a traditional South Indian accompaniment for Rice or a modern Soup with lots of veggies.
An authentic Andhra Dish "Ulava Charu" is made with Horse Gram. The tradition is carried on and now this delicacy is a must in special menus in many parts of Andhra. The authentic process of making this dish takes a lot of effort and time. Though the name suggests it is a soup, it is eaten with rice and generous helping of fresh cream. 
Try out this mouth-watering dish with a quicker and simpler version of the recipe, if you count your minutes. 

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