Safe Harvest Urad Dal White Split (Dhuli) 500 gm


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  • Zero Pesticides
  • Black Gram without hull and split.
  • Abundant in Proteins, Iron and dietary fiber, provides a balanced nutrition for Meat-Free diets.
  • Easily digestible. Creamy soft when ground with water.

Product Description

Safe Harvest Urad Dal White Split (Dhuli) 500 gm

Ever bit into the wonderful, golden coloured Uddin Vada? You cannot see a single "Sagar" or a Tiffin Joint without this. It can be eaten at any time of the day, as breakfast, in Lunch or as an evening snack. Idli, Dosa and Vada made with this creamy white lentil are the favourites in every South Indian family. Uddin Vada is usually made with Skinless Black Gram or Urad Dal Dhuli. Dal is soaked overnight and ground to smooth paste, adding very little water to maitain the consistancy. Add some green chilli, ginger, cumin and pepper corns along with salt. Make a round doughnut shape with this batter and leave it carefully into hot oil. Take out the Vada from oil when it turns into golden brown colour. Relish the hot Vadas with coconut chutney.

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