Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch 400 gm Pack


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  • With almonds & raisins.
  • Contain Oats for a strong heart.
  • A delicious mixture of Oats, wheat flakes and dry fruits, Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch ensures you a bowlful of health. A crackling bite of almonds in every spoonful, you can now begin your day with an exciting, crunchy delight.

Product Description

Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch 400 gm Pack

Saffola Muesli Nutty Crunch
  • Contains Oats for a strong Heart.
  • Has the goodness of multigrain.
  • Is high in Fiber.
  • Is a source of Protein.
  • Aids in regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol.
  • Contains nuts, an excellent source of vitamin E.
  • Ingredients:
    Wholegrain[rolled oats(29%), whole wheat flakes(27%), corn flakes(15%)],
    raisins(10%), invert syrup, almonds(5%), sugar, honey and antioxidants(INS 322 & INS 304)

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