Sasya Double Beans 500 gm


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  • Red Double Beans are rich in Protein, Iron and Vitamins C along with other minerals.
  • Being very filling, rich in nutrition and low calorie level makes Double beans ideal for weight loss diets.
  • Add Double beans to Pulao, Biryani or make a delicious spicy curry.

Product Description

Sasya Double Beans 500 gm

Red Double Beans, as with any other bean variety, is loaded with nutrition. Adding beans to your regular diet, ensures a optimum health for the whole family.
Boiled beans are soft and mushy, they have very subtle flavour and absorbs the flavours of spices ensuring the dishes provide a satisfying uniform flavour.  
Try out a Red Double bean soup loaded with vegetables and lots of herbs at the end of a busy and tiresome day. Keep the boiled beans handy anticipating a quick and nutritious menu. 

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