Sasya Soya Beans 500 gm


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  • Contains highest level of protein when compared to other beans.
  • Rich source of Iron, Fiber, Fats.
  • Good replacement for Cow milk for vegans and the weight conscious.

Product Description

Sasya Soya Beans 500 gm

Soybean is valued for its high levels of protein, calcium, Iron and fats. It is a good substitute for milk in vegan diet. 
Soy milk is extracted in a similar manner of extracting coconut milk. Soak the beans overnight and grind them to extract milk. 
Sprouting the beans enhances their nutritional value. Sprouted beans can be boiled and used in making spicy curries or pureed to make soup. Boiled soy beans are tender and can be used in variety of dishes, from cutlets to Paranthas.

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