Soulfull 100% Ragi Cereals Banana 300 gm


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  • 1OO% Ragi Based*
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural : No Fortification, no supplements

  • * This Breakfast cereal has no other grains other than Ragi.

Product Description

Soulfull 100% Ragi Cereals Banana 300 gm

Key Features of Soulfull 100% Ragi Cereals - Banana Flavour
There are two kinds of mornings. The good ones and the bad ones. We've just discovered a third kind – the awesome ones. Awesome in taste and so in calcium, ragi cereals is an incredible way of starting a new day, every day. While a delicious banana flavour keeps your taste buds happy, the fibre-rich and gluten-free flakes keep your body delighted. So go ahead. Try the secret of making every morning truly awesome.
Best served with cold milk & fresh fruits for a delicious breakfast.

Ingredients: Ragi (77%), Sugar, Banana Flavour, Edible Vegetable Oil(2%), Calcium Carbonate, Iodized Salt & Antioxidant (INS 32O)

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