Stain Off Wonder Eraser


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    Erases stains from Wall, Tiles, Cars, Electronic Appliances, Sport Shoes, Bicycle, Motorcycle, counter tops, Door/Window Frames.
    From Pidilite

Product Description

Stain Off Wonder Eraser

Stain Off Wonder Eraser (Magic Eraser) is a revolutionary highly effective multi-purpose sponge which when made damp works wonderfully to make your walls, floors, switch plates etc free from marks, dirt, grime, and renews the surface. 
How to use:
Dampen the eraser, squeeze out excess water.
Scrub the surface lightly and then wipe the area you are cleaning with a wet cloth / towel to prevent smearing and to remove residue.
When the eraser gets dirty, simply rinse it with water & squeeze the excess water out and let it dry.
You can use the eraser until it shreds.
Test on a inconspicious spot before applying all across. Do not use on skin or other part of the body.
Not recommended for high gloss, dark, polished or painted surface like wood vahicle body, glass mirror.
No detergent or bleach to be added.

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