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Black and green tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant, but green tea is unfermented and black tea is fully fermented. Brewing tea in tea bags and drinking the tea may have medicinal effects.. Black tea may help to reduce the risk of a heart attack and kidney stones. The caffeine in tea may help to increase mental alertness.

What is the advantage of tea bags?

Individuals may feel relief from the itching and pain of sores caused by the herpes virus by placing a moist black tea bag over the sores. The tannic acid in the tea may help to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of herpes. Placing moist black tea bags on canker sores may help to relieve the mouth pain.

Placing wet tea bags on the skin may help to soothe the sting after a sunburn.

Green tea bags may also help to decrease the damage to the skin from exposure to ultraviolet B radiation. Placing green tea on the skin for 30 minutes prior to sun exposure may help to decrease the risk of developing a sunburn.

Putting green tea bags on the eyes may help to decrease puffiness and may help to soothe tired eyes. Tea bags placed on the eyes may also help to treat a headache.

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