Tetley Green Tea With Lemon & Honey 30 Bags


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  • With lemon and honey natural flavours.

Product Description

Tetley Green Tea With Lemon & Honey 30 Bags

 Key features of Tetley Green Tea With Lemon & Honey 30 Bags: 
Tetley green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants that help to rexduce the harmful effects that stress and pollution may have on your body. 
It is also infused with the delightful combination of lemon and honey flavours that is bound to tantalise to your taste-buds. try a cup everyday to now how it refreshes you like a 5minute vacation on a busy day!
normal cellular processses as well as environmental factors like pollution, smoking and stress rresult in the formation of harmful molecules called free radicals in our body. antioxidants inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals preventing damage to healthy cells and tissues. tetley green tea is rich in naturally occuring antioxidants-a wonderful way to protect you from within!
Ingredients: green tea(98.5%), lemon flavour, honey flavour(natural flavours). 

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