Vega Professional Mehndi-Dye Brush


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  • Premium Bristles
  • Long Handle to keep your hands clean.
  • No more scrubbing of hands after use.
  • No more mehendi mounds & no more wastage

Product Description

Vega Professional Mehndi-Dye Brush

Why Brush?
  • Use it yourself. - No help required.
  • Non Messy - Long handles keep your hands clean.
  • Clean and hygienic - No more scrubbing of hands after use.
  • Caresses your hair evenly - No more mehendi mounds & no more wastage.
  • Directions for use:
  • Mix Mehendi/Dye with brush.
  • Use firm strokes to apply on small sections of the hair & comb through.
  • Brush Care:
  • Post application, wash brush in luke warm soapy water.
  • Dry naturally.
  • Caution: At home or at parlour, use your own brush for better hygiene.

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