Whisper Maxi Fit L Wings 15 Pads


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    For a perfect fit.With Safety Lines, Long length and wider back.Absorbent funnels and Dri-Weave top sheet.

Product Description

Whisper Maxi Fit L Wings 15 pads/h2>Who does not love a perfect fit? Be it your clothes, your shoes or even your pad. Whisper understands that perfectly well and has designed the Maxi Fit range of pads keeping your delicate contours in mind. Here’s how Whisper Maxi Fit XL Wings promises you a tension-free period. Super Fit Cushion – fits to the body and absorbs at the centre* Safety Lines – improve leakage protection and help the pad keep its shape even after wearing. Long Length & Wider Back – for extra protection against front and back leaks. Absorbent Funnels – helps pull in wetness, even after hours. Dri Weave™ Topsheet – keeps you feeling clean & dry throughout your period, by preventing liquid from returning to the surface. Also available in a pack of 15 pads.

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