Sasya White Lobia 500 gm


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  • Also called Black-eyed Bean or Black-eyed Pea or cowpea.
  • A spicy, tangy gravy dish with boiled Lobia is a favourite in Tamilnadu.
  • Rich in Protein, vitamins and minerals - A perfect dish for calorie rich Rice and Roti.

Product Description

Sasya White Lobia 500 gm

White Lobia is relished both as sweet and spicy versions. A simple preparation of mixing the boiled Lobia with Jaggery and coconut is a perfect dish for the sweet tooth. A healthy snack is ready in minutes with tempering the boiled Lobia and adding grated coconut.
Ofcourse, the eloborate spicy gravy with tangy tamarind flavour cannot to be missed out in a sumptuous south indian meal. 

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