Franke Bio Waste Disposer 0.75 HP

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  • Fast Grinding Technology
  • Corrosion-proof stainless Steel
  • Easy & Convenient Installation
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        Franke Bio Waste Disposer 0.75 HP

        A high power Bio Waste Disposer with 0.75 HP motor. The lower speed but high output power delivers an ideal combination crunch with low noise.  Crush and Dispose the bio-waste down the drain for hygienic kitchen. Fruit, vegetable peels, Rice, oft chicken bones and Egg shells can be disposed.



        • Fast Grinding Technology
        • Corrosion proof stainless steel
        • Manual reset for overload protection
        • Handy Wall stitch operation
        • Easy & convenient Installation
        • Under-cutter disk



        • Sink Flange: Stainless Steel
        • Hopper: Glass Filled Nylon
        • Swivell Impeller; Stainless Steel
        • Turn Table: Stainless Steel



        •  Motor speed: 1450 rpm
        • Horsepower: 0.75 HP
        • Rating Power 560W, 220V-250-V/50-60Hz
        • Motor type: AC induction
        • Type of feed: continuous
        • Sound Shell: Yes
        • Overload protection: manual reset
        • Container: 1200 ml
        • Diameter of standard sink hole: 90 mm



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