Supreme PPR Hot & Cold Water Pipe 3 mtr PN 20

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  • Designed for hot and cold water, Supreme Indo Green PP-R is the latest and most suitable system for all plumbing applications
  • The water flowing through it does not have any negative biological effects and hence remains the most hygienic
  • The system has been in use for more than 30 years in Europe, Gulf, China & Russia and gained good acceptance across the world.
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        Product Description

        • Light weight, easy and quick assembly - Results in extensive saving in time and labour.
        • Ideal and safest system for carrying potable water - PPR pipes are free from corrosion and negative biological effects. It does not break down even under the harshest water conditions; hence the quality of water never deteriorates. It is in full compliance with the International standards on the use of plastic materials for the transportation of potable water.
        • Safe and watertight joints.
        • Reduced head loss - Mirror smooth inside surface ensures high flow rates and very low friction losses.
        • Low thermal conductivity - Results in saving insulation costs, thereby reducing overall operational costs.
        • Free from scaling - Due to the unique properties of PP-R limestone or other deposits cannot form and hence there is no scaling or blockage in the pipelines.
        • High impact strength - Indo Green® PPR pipes have excellent impact strength and hence no possibility of any breakage.
        • Long operational durability - The Indo Green® system ensures a minimum of 50 years of trouble-free performance.
        • PPR Pipe for hot water: Experience the superior heat resistance of Supreme PPR pipes. They are specifically crafted to handle hot water with efficiency and safety, ensuring a constant flow without compromise.
        • PPR Pipe for cold water: In addition to hot water applications, our PPR pipes excel in cold water systems. The design guarantees optimal performance even in low-temperature environments.
        • Highly economical in long run.
        • Distinguishing features of Indo Green® PPR Pipes from Supreme - Salient and unique features that set Supreme Indo Green® apart from other brands available in the market are - Quality conformity with European and international standards. Manufactured from PP-R type-3, supplied by reputed European suppliers that have Bodycote (an independent international testing body) certification. Indigenously manufactured a complete range of pipes and fittings from 20 to 160mm dia with necessary heating tools and accessories. Availability of fittings in PN20 pressure class. Long-lasting - minimum 50 years of trouble-free performance.


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